Motorboat Restoration: new life for antique motorboats

The restoration of period boats takes place in our shipyards with interventions of:
• metal structural work
• chroming
• painting
• engine restoration
• interior restoration
• restoration of fabrics and furnishings
• renewed outfitting
• electrical and electronic systems
• plumbing systems

Bringing precious boats back to life is our historic passion!

Experts in restoring Riva motorboats

From 1956, when we became the first Riva station on Lake Garda, until today, our company has specialized in the restoration of the famous Riva motorboats, a legendary name in the boating universe. Baia Boat Service preserves the famous structural quality and incomparable design of Riva motorboats that require experience and precise handcrafted work and the use of the best products.
Baia Boat Service's heritage of knowledge allows us to restore every aspect of Riva boats.